Testing out the new Yahoo! Messenger


Well, guys. Wish me luck. :stuck_out_tongue:


From talking to myself (wish I could find some people to test this thing with), the features aren’t that interesting. It just feels like texting on a desktop.

The reaction GIFs that are straight up pulled from random Tumblr blogs aren’t that neat either, at least when being used in a conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck, the emoticons are just the generic Unicode emoticons:


As per usual, you have no status indicator, no buddy list (instead, its treated like a texting contact list, which shows your recent convos instead, which I see as unnecessary and which can get pretty discorded after a while), no buzzing or anything to get your recipient’s attention (including Audibles). and the most bland and uninteresting UI I’ve ever seen. Heck, Discord/Slack at least try to pep it up.

There are @mentions in the new Yahoo! Messenger, but I don’t have the right setup to properly test it out. Unfortunately, this isn’t a viable replacement for buzzing, as the @mention will be sent via notification, which can be disabled, along with the fact that it will basically take up the chatting space. :stuck_out_tongue:

The slightly interesting thing I’ve noticed in the UI, though, is a “Get the app” button. When clicked on, it takes you to the page where you can download Yahoo! Messenger for iOS/Android. I can pretty much deduce that Yahoo!'s trying to appeal to the texting market, which isn’t my cup of tea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, I wouldn’t really use the new Yahoo! Messenger. At all. It’s not interesting enough to keep me in, and it’s so simplistic that I would rather use MSN 1.0 or AIM instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure the desktop version of Yahoo! Messenger is exactly the same as the web version. I used the iOS app and it has no interesting features, either. It doesn’t even have video chat, I’m not sure if the older versions of Yahoo Messenger had that either.

The UI reminds me of the new mobile Skype design, as well as other mobile texting apps. Do many people even still use Yahoo! Messenger? I don’t know any people who use it anymore. Even the people I know who still use Yahoo! Mail dropped it years ago.


Yeah. Pretty much. Most apps nowadays are taking the “webpage with JavaScript/server-side language in an IE WebControl container” route instead of actually using what Windows’ API provides. In fact, it does cause lag and unexpected freezes, like yesterday, when Slack randomly froze on me for no coherent reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, the legacy Yahoo! Messenger versions did have video chat, alongside voice chat. It’s even in the 5.x versions of Yahoo! Messenger:


I’m not exactly sure about that, but the new Yahoo! Messenger does have a very noticable hatebase. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, that Yahoo! forum does have a lot of hate posts towards the new Messenger on it. Someone called it a “disgrace to the Internet”. There’s also a petition to bring the old versions back. I don’t think Yahoo! will actually do that, though.


I can 100% guarantee that that’s the case. :stuck_out_tongue:


to be honest it is a disgrace to the internet when they don’t take in suggestions or listen to their customers voices (text voices). instead they want to do something else with the service. i get it, can’t listen all the time and can’t give what their customers want all the time but they need to have some respect for messenger users by giving them something to use with messenger. Maybe voice and video chat for example.