[tech] amd or intel?

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btw i’m intelboy. amd processors sucks

UPD: wow too much amdboys here.

me too but i have pc with intel graphics

Intel used to be top of the game but they’ve really went downhill lately and AMD’s Ryzen (and vega graphics) have become far superior

ryzen is the only thing AMD can offer in competition with Intel

Bad thermals is all intel can offer

AMD has been killing it lately on CPUs with the new Ryzen processors beating Intel in both the desktop and server market though to my knowledge atleast their GPUs have been a trouble due to their drivers

new core i3, i5, i9 and xeon better than ryzen. it’s fact.

you just amdboy

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Did you seriously make this thread just to whore yourself out to Intel? Christ.


no (lol?) i’m just want know peoples who like amd or intel

Intel graphics very bad than nvidia vids or amd radeon (yea yea i like amd radeons because it’s ATI in 2000-2009)

Threadripper has 64 FUCKING CORES, HOLY $H!T

its much better than Intel’s Xeon W with only 28 cores

and for what? What difficult tasks does a pc have to do to put Threadripper into it?


Running Crysis all by itself

In my opinion both CPU is good choice. Every cpus have advantages and disadvantages.
I have Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, in my opinion it was the best choice ever for me at CPU purchase. With this CPU I do virtualizing, video rendering, server host, source code compiling and etc. Everything is super fast and stable. You can overclock it if you have better motherboard like B320 (I only have A320).

Intel can be better at virtualizing, gaming and Hackintoshing. Many apps built on single-core and dual-core per process method. Intel’s architecture much faster at this method than Ryzen Cpus. So That’s why you have +40 fps than Ryzen. It can be good at 144Hz monitors, same thing with virtualizing. At Hackintosh if you have Intel CPU you get 100% system performance than Ryzen. I’ve tried Hackintosh with Ryzen, I am lagging so much on it with Ryzen 5 1600. Like, if you play Minecraft, you have 30 fps, at Intel you have 200 FPS. Same thing with video editing.

This is my opinion.

Yes, many servers use Threadripper, same thing with video editors.


with 30 fps

first objective comment. thanks