Talk to me on CLM!

add me:
please remember that in order to use CLM you need to create a new email adress in the app

Note: CLM doesn’t have the capabilities to connect to the Escargot MSNP server, so don’t expect the majority to find you.

EDIT: Well, then. I guess you are aware. :stuck_out_tongue:



CLM sucks , it dont even connect

By the way CLM is only available in Brazil (on Google Play) and in Portuguese. As @OhHelloThereImTheGuy said, it does not connect to Escargot, it is just an ordinary messenger with a Windows Live Messenger theme.

(Note: I’m Brazillian)

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But I’m Argentinian and it works just fine

What he meant was that we’re not re-registering accounts for some generic mobile messenger app that looks like MSN.

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i Added you.

Está disponivel na play store de portugal também.