Tab for a Cause (Web browser extension)



Hi. I know this has nothing to do with the theme of the forum, but this deserves to be shared. It is a chrome/firefox extension that shows 2 not-fullscreen ads in a corner of the screen (like this:)

“And why the h*ck should I spend time installing this??” “What are the ads for? Just to give the creators free money?!” You should install it because 90% of all the money that the ads raise is going to be donated for charity! (the other 10% is for hosting and food for the creators).

Also, every time that you open a new tab, you recieve a heart, that when you get a certain amount, you level up.
“And what are hearts and levels for?”. Well, you can access this menu:

Where you donate your hearts.
At the start I said that the money was going to charity… but what charity? for education for kids? for giving food/clothes to the poor? well, that’s where the heart donating comes in. Donating hearts it’s just a way of telling them where do you want the money to go! the more hearts, the more money that they will give to that charity!

“And the levels?”… I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

“Ok, nice. But how do I install it?” It is very simple! you just click in this link, click in “get the app” and click the “Add to Chrome” or “Add to Firefox” button, wait for it to finish and open a new tab to create your account (You can link with Google, Facebook, or just sign in with your mail like a regular website).
You’ll see that you will have 350 hearts, that’s because it’s an invitation link so every user that signs up a new account with that link will give us (me and the user) those free hearts. You can do the same and share it with your friends to get even more hearts for everyone! You just go here:

and share the link with your friends!

Well, I hope you like the idea of this app and i hope you install it. See you in my next post! :smiley:

-Maigol :3