Suggestions for my website?

I need your input, shall I keep the same design of my website, or shall i make a new design?
(Suggestions to improve the current design are welcome)
(If you think i should make a new design, can you give suggestions?)

IMO iterating on designs is usually better than starting from scratch (applies to software too, but that’s another conversation really).

In either case, I think making a simple list of what doesn’t work well, what needs updating, and other objectives is a good idea. I know some of the original goals in the site haven’t worked out (yet anyway), so I’d concentrate on that, for example, making it easier or scale back, to get everything finished.

Also, I quite like the design, although I’m slightly biased :stuck_out_tongue:

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What happens after the bike riding?

Bike Riding?

not rlly but ye this one

ooohhhh lmao, fresh prince of bel air reference lmao

do you remember the episode or smth

It’s a reference to the intro theme, though the words are different

For a moment I thought it were something else lol

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Update: I couldn’t be bothered to create a folder viewer for the site, so i decided to delete the art section and integrate it with the socials section. Socials also has an easier layout.