Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)

  1. That would be cool
  2. What’s your escargot msn email? So i can add you :3
  3. Can somebody link me to the document on how to make a msn activity?

  1. Sorry I don’t have a pc I have a tablet with android.
  2. Thank you for support of TAOCM.
  3. I don’t have a doc of how to make a msn game


Interesting… an MMORPG as an MSN Messenger game/activity.

Unfortunately, since most MSN games fit with the one-on-one chat design of MSN Messenger, I don’t think this would be executed properly without setting up a central server to keep track of players, unless if it was a group chat with numerous people. I could see that working with something like an MMORPG, but then again, MMORPGs involve people out of your scope, which make the experience much more “worth it.” So, maybe that MMORPG idea could be scaled down into some sort of multiplayer game. Just suggesting. :slight_smile:


You can start here:

Feel free to roam around the TOC. :slight_smile:


What about a game called: “Fast Clik” or “Duel Clik”/“Duel Click”?
“2 people have their 1 button.” “There is a countdown from 3 to 0.”
“There is 5 rounds.”
“When the count down reaches 0, you have to press the button.”
“The person that pressed the button first, wins.”
“And If the person clicks the button when the countdown didnt reach 0, they insta-lose. And the point goes to the other person.”
“The person that has more wins, wins the game.”


Simple, but sweet.

Honestly, this is the best idea for an activity I’ve seen that isn’t based on a board game. :slight_smile:

But now all we have to worry about is WHAT we have to use to make the game, since the development prerequisites for MSN Messenger activities/games seem to be pretty strict. :confused:


Here are a list of languages/technologies you can use to develop activities:

  • VBScript (classic ASP/HTML)
  • JScript/JavaScript (JScript is basically Microsoft’s version of JavaScript)
  • (X)HTML
  • C/C++/C# (ActiveX controls/ASP.NET for C#)
  • XML/XSL (server-side configuration of activities I guess)
  • Flash (Adobe/Macromedia)
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • CGI (Common Gateway Interface; basically glorified Perl scripts that made legacy webpages dynamic)
  • ISAPI (Internet Server API; basically IIS’ version of CGI)
  • ColdFusion (CFML; lesser-known server side language; link to docs are here:


Oh, ok…


Can someone fill me in on the current state of Games? I know about this msgp2p.xml thing or whatever it’s called allowing you to play them but I don’t know how exactly I’d go about it. Anyone have some info on the whole thing?


1: since 8.x, when the Messenger API suddenly got removed (internally, not entirely) for some reason, it left the old games unsupported after… wasn’t my fault for it you know.

2: it’s been literal months since I’ve ever been here, why isn’t this topic just… passed it’s time.


I see, but what do you mean by the Messenger API? Sorry to bug you.


4.7 Reference: (Old, but still some documentation)

Windows Live Activities SDK: (only goes into the process, but still a relevant link for this topic)


I just found out that Microsoft has a deal with for games. I went to sign in with my Microsoft account and saw this on my browser.


That is strange.


Silly question. Cant we just copy games from ? I remember msn games being an alternative for the same games on


unfortunately I don’t think so, the Messenger games were hosted on a completely different domain


Yes. Gaming between zone and msn players was not possible. The 2 ways I was thinking about was either copy the source (don’t know if it’s client side available) from zone and paste a reworked version on escargot games. Or link the server in escargot games to zone servers (which could not connect since they need msn login).


the online games of windows xp works


see the dominian used to hosted the games


So, any chances of being remade?