Suggestion : Adding .dmg in the download section of Escargot website for Mac users

Hey everyone !

I just made a .dmg version of WLM 8.5 from a Wineskin Winery bundle for Mac users. I can also make one for MSN 7.5 / WLM 8.1 if needed. They have few minors bugs but main features work.

What about putting them on the Escargot website ? It also could be easier to correct the bugs !


Works with mac so 10.4 ?

I don’t know, I’m on Mac OS El Capitan but I think so

ok , i will test later in my emac g4

I don’t think it will work.


I’m waiting for this.
Would it be possible to upload the patched WLM8.5 for Mac?
Thank you.

why don’t you just use wine? :stuck_out_tongue: (If there’s already a reason in the thread, I’m too lazy to read)

I have installed Wine but unable to make a good patched MSN…

Why? what does it do?

Is there an instruction of making patched MSN for Mac OS?

Yes, the process is the same as with windows

Thank you very much, let me have a try :grinning:

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It does not work.

MSN 7.5:

Replace msidcrl.dll with this file, and edit msnmsgr.exe:

Change to
Change to

However there is no msidcrl.dll and msnmsgr.exe in Mac OS edition.

what msnmsgr.exe Mac OS edition??

in mac there is no .exe
a .exe file is for windows only.
in a mac environment there is a different file. the main one is a .app but yes if you install wine then it can run a .exe file.

Where can i find it? I need a .dmg version! Please send me!

sorry @Andrigo_Lorenzoni it’s not a patched messenger yet. so it’s not available at this point in time. if you can patch it for the community that would be very helpful for you and everyone else. :slight_smile:
I’ll look for the dmg file in my microsoft office CD because it contains msn messenger in it.
Ok never mind. there is no dmg file for that msn messenger on mac from my microsoft office CD. instead it is a .pkg meaning package fie.

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I have no ideia how to do it. :frowning:

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it’s ok, hopefully soon someone can patch it for escargot. here is the file you can download it if you like but it is not be patched. in suggestion is to install virtual machine software and then install windows onto that virtual machine software for this point in time.