Suggestion about an MSN Translator

This could be an great idea, example: a french guy send a message to a spanish guy, this translator will translate that message, this could be called Language Wall Destructor or Butterfly Translate :smiley:

  • Yes, is a great idea
  • No, is a waste of time

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If anyone wants to talk with me, contact me via MSN Messenger:

There used to be a Messenger Plus! script for that if I am not totally mistaken

The real question is, who is willing to do that?

msn translator would be good

That would be a good idea, seeing as there are so many people on Escargot who speak different languages. Would it have to be powered by Google Translate or something?

I voted yes of course, but as @mynetx said, this has been done before - not just in Plus! scripts either, there’s been separate applications, P4 (Activities) apps, and pretty much any other way Messenger has been made extendable over its lifetime.

Having tried most (all?) of these at the time, and as a mostly exclusive anglophone, I never really found this concept fully workable in real-world conditions. I’m not sure if it was having to start the application manually beforehand, or the translation services at the time being unable to handle non-formal text very well, I always ended up thinking it’s a great idea but doesn’t work for me. At the very least this should be better now as the translation services will have improved since.

What I’ve used for many years now that does work for me is QTranslate. With that you can select text anywhere (including in Messenger), hit Ctrl twice to translate (and other keys you can setup for things like a dictionary or spell check), and you can click the tabs to have the text translated in other services if your default doesn’t give a good result.

Finally, not to get too far off track in this wall of text, but has anyone tried the built-in translation in Skype? That feature doesn’t do IM text, but does speech instead, doing both text transcription and translation at the same time. I’ve only seen it demoed and tried some basic French, and it seemed to work quite well for that. I am curious how it works in real-world conditions though.

there was the “instant translator” from, the place for AmCap, sadly, the Actitvy broke since Yahoo! Bablefish does no longer exist.
PS: last night, when i was sleeping, i was raided with spanish convos (some group, some just to one person), thats a “I NEED IT NOW”.

Hey, i’m one of the persons of that group, maybe another person of the group has invited you thinking that you talk spanish, well, the spanish-talking people on Messenger is really cool, so is needed an Translator for the people that only talks english or other language, so the another language persons can talk with the cool spanish-talk people :wink: