Stuck with WLM 2008

What’s good, everybody out there. :wave:t6: Last week, I wanted to have Windows Movie Maker, so I recklessly downloaded Windows Essentials 2012 & it replaced mah MSN Messenger 2009. After uninstallin’ some of tha Windows Essentials programs, I was tryna bring back mah MSN Messenger 2009, but I unintentionally downloaded tha 2008 one. :man_facepalming:t6:

I tried to get rid of it, but I couldn’t due to an error that forces me to keep it.

& so, I’m now stuck with it & I dunno what to do about it. :frowning:

With 2009 and above you can’t mix and match (at least not without some major trickery). The quick fix in the current situation would be re-install 2012 and then fully uninstall 2012 (all the products), and then install 2009 again after that.

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Alright, man. Thanx for the advice. :smiling_face: I’ll think about it.

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