Struggling to get messenger connected on windows xp

For some reason it keeps telling me its not connecting to the .NET server so is there something special I need to do to get it to connect to the escargot servers? BTW it is a virtual machine, I’m just using it for fun (plus its the only way I can get VOCALOID2 to NOT crash on me every few minutes)

Right now you’d have to configure XP a bit to connect since Escargot’s login servers don’t effectively support XP’s ciphers (this is due to the production server we use, which by design doesn’t support anything older than “modern” subsets of TLS 1.0; and even when you finish you’ll have to struggle with logging in for a bit):

I’m hoping in the future the creator gets around to finding a way to properly support older HTTPS protocols to make MSN work more natively on older OSes like XP.

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aw shoot well alright thanks
i will do that