Strange Hidden Windows 7 MIDI

I found this strange MIDI file hidden in C:\Windows\Media on Windows 7. You normally cannot play it back. It requires you to have a Canon branded device connected to your computer or a Canon driver. The File is called “CSSAMP1” and it makes no sense to have it in there because what do Canon devices or drivers have to do with MIDIS? If you want the file: (3.4 KB)

sounds jazzy kinda

You can play it if you have a virtual machime, its weird sound kinda (and cool), but this Fourms aren´t for that post´s, you can post this on

Your Windows 7 installation is haunted. You should burn your PC or delete System32, those are the better solutions…

you sound like you had been though multiple windows versions, including a version from the 9x series, as that was the series that had that file. (still needed a Canon device)

i played it back without any canon devices fine.

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I know, but you normally find it after you use a Canon device. You can still play it back just by downloading the file.

THIS ISNT http://winkwink.trollgeek.deepweb

this are some videos i found: cssamp1.mid - YouTube
Microsoft/Canon's "CSSAMP1.MID" - YouTube
lol only one video is loaded
and with canon sounds different.

How to make a master piece with your voice
MAH (89.5 KB)

That MIDI is rockin’.

That’s a cool sounding MIDI. It’s weird that it’s hidden and requires you to have a Canon product. I wonder why they included it with Windows?

i probably have it because i have a Canon printer.

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