is down and select downloads can't be accessed (But has a archive version that is possible to download, read 'Solved')

even in Internet Explorer 11 and even in Chromium based Microsoft Edge

Translation: You cannot access this Page
Check the Address Website:
Search for this site on Bing
Reload the page

The storage server the resides on that domain is down. For some files you’ll be able to download them still (e.g., all MSN versions before 5.0) but stuff like the MSIDCRL DLL and the extras won’t be available for download for some time.

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I think there is a storage server problem right now.

The MG download server has an archive.

For Messenger downloads, the format is And https can be changed to http if desired. 8.5 is listed under 2008.

Some examples:
7.5 Greek:
8.5 English:

Messenger Plus! files are in the msgplus folder.


Stuffplug files are in the stuffplug folder:

Other materials are in the escargot folder. For instance


RIP google severs

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Not Google. PNZHost. Otherwise the main Escargot servers probably would’ve gone down too. :stuck_out_tongue:


valtron got back to me in regards to the storage server and told me his server plan got suspended simply because he didn’t pay for the bill for that in time. He said it should be back up soon.


As I post this the storage server is still down. Guessing the hosting provider really has a nail in their foot about valtron paying his bill a little late… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I could probably help with hosting temporarily while the server is down, just saying. I have access to one of my friends website servers, and i have a subsite on it I can use

had to say this so i could repost as reply

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That’s… what @TReKiE’s doing. But I wouldn’t mind another mirror tbh. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, i will ask for permission when he is online.

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You don’t have to. Host all you want. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well i dont have permission do to some problems he had, but i can use mine anyway, and it would probably be better anyway. I’ll get it set up and PM you the link

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Oh, ok. I can provide you all the files since I have access to the same server repository TReKiE (presumably) got the files from.

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Thanks, and of course i didnt reply again.

I have some of the files set up, tommorow i will continue getting the files for the mirror.

Got some other files uploaded and made accessible on the main GCP server that TReKiE wasn’t able to catch (I luckily had local copies of these). Here’s one for Mercury Messenger, and another one for Messenger Rich Presence.

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Looks like the hosting provider valtron was using for storage (PnZHost) turned out to be pretty shady. Information for this is all over the place, but these two screenshots of a customer’s support ticket I found while researching pretty much sums up what’s probably happening to Escargot’s storage server right now:

I personally believe no one here is to blame for letting valtron use this shoddy service in the first place, and I hope we can take this as a life lesson and improve from this mistake. :slight_smile:

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I call B U L L F U C K I N G S H I T! wtf is wrong with this company?