Steam is droping support, for XP/Vista

january 1st 2019 will be theaend, of xp era :sob: i dont use steam but still!

So you’re in it just for the loss of XP support.

Steam isn’t just a thing you have to cry about for not supporting XP anymore for arbitrary reasons. It would make more sense if you were going to miss out on so many good games, but you have a Windows 7 machine, so not entirely the case.

Do you even play video games? :stuck_out_tongue:


its bad. i playing half-life via steam, he perfectly work on xp

I mean, I can understand your case, since you actually use the darn thing itself. But @Nojus2001 doesn’t, so I don’t see why he posted this thread in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We all know that he is an XP fanboy, and that is the reason behind this thread.

Still, there is a lot of time left before Steam stops supporting XP.


That, and he told me that he saw a YouTube video that had the same information. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Link please.

I’m not surprised that this is even happening.

Steam still working on XP even after they dropped support
(this is a bump, my apologies)

maybe is working in xp but is not updated to last version

Jan 4 release works like a charm on xp