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Felt like TreKiE would be kinda interested at it but I’m thinking about deleting this

So basically we will talk about Windows XP and Vista Starter Editions; like tweaks, fun usage and etc.

I want that

How have you managed to edit the bitmap while maintaining it’s color depth?

Perhaps we maybe should talk abt Windows XP and Vista Starter editions topic on another thread?

Ig it would make more sense since this one has an answer


Also do you know where’s the bitmap thing

Use Resource Hacker and open explorer.exe with it.

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Bitmap184 new.bmp (9.6 KB)

Looks better with the watermark opacity methinks.

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Highly advanced software engineering skills, and by that, I mean I really didn’t do anything special.

I opened up the bitmap, pasted the new logo on top, added some new text (shadow made by duplicating the layer and changing the colour), and then blanked out the original layer with that magenta colour. Saved the image as a 16-bit bitmap (figured that would be safest, other bitnesses not tested) and replaced in the executable with RH as you already suggested.

I would have to guess the original might be lower quality for performance, disk size constraints, or some other requirement, unrelated to the technical ability of the watermark itself. I do recall that there was a claimed performance hit for any windows with opacity before DWM existed (which Vista Starter doesn’t have).

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He was asking where the bitmap is located in explorer.exe, but thanks for the bitmap.

Thinking about it, an updated logo might work
I guess I’ll do it soon when I discover the font

375 Minimum RAM requirement seems the peak of Windows Vista capability

Also I’ve installed it yesterday and the laptop’s key worked!

Also lol

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Also what’s the font

Tahoma, size 16pt, bold style for Windows, regular for Vista and Starter.

is there a way to get Windows Vista starter Edition watermark on any version of Windows Vista?

Probably you would have to pick the Windows Vista Starter’s explorer.exe and do some ProductID on regedit (or maybe some Resource Hacker stuff) @bartek_ginger

I’ve tried to make a remastered Windows Vista watermark
fixed newer logo.bmp (14.4 KB)
new logo

Edit: unfortunately, not all of the stuff got removed in the final

@TReKiE that might answer in one of your questions