Spybot for old computer(multi language)


you send the best freeware anti spyware for Windows 98/NT 4 compatible old version supported and light
1.4 version with last definition update 2013.

for install in old Windows:
1- open spybotsd14.exe for setup
2- open spybotsd_includes.exe for update

Download here =>
spybotsd_includes.exe (6.7 MB)

spybotsd14.exe (4.8 MB)

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Spybot is oboslete…

Maybe but please read my. Topic
Isfor. Old computer with windows. 98 . Is goood beccause virus modern not. Work. In 9x.this. E
Definition from 2013

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how does it feel to have a stroke?

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spybot is old and obselete man

I know is obsolete
Windows 98/NT4 is too obsolete
i make this for this old windows because new malware/virus modern not run in 98 or NT4

this definition 2013 is ok for this system for scan floppy or old hard drive

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So? Just dont use your 98 pc online…

You **** ***

windows 98 good for internet with browser retrozilla based from firefox

NOT virus in WIndows 9x =new virus and modern virus not run in this system in dos

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You’re wanting to use a OBOSLETE OPERATING SYSTEN for surfing the modern day web? :disappointed:

Retrozilla is like, versions behind firefox, and will barely run YT without lagging and bsoding your PC.

obsolete because this computer is old! only 64mb ram and processor 133mhz is optimized for 98 is light OS. and i’m use too for game msdos

i’m maybe alone in this forum use so old computer but maybe help other with my topic

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pf94: You’re wanting to use a OBOSLETE OPERATING SYSTEN for surfing the modern day web?

also pf94: (hosts two vms with windows xp to surf the internet and epic taco has his windows me vm)

going to the point you should not care whenever if someone is using an older version of whatever

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What site can even run on a 64mb PC?

Windows XP still has love and care, and they use MyPal.

because this desktop is mad in 1996! 64mb is hight in 1996. before 16mb ram but i’m upgrade to 64mb ram
orginial hard drive is 1.2gb

but you is young you not know about i’m talk

you not know all.

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I actually know what you’re talking about, You’re going to use Retrozilla. on a 64mb computer, which won’t even run properly on modern sites (eg, the forum you’re in rn, youtube, etc).

i’m use only for forum, blog

what “forum, blog”.

I think he means both the forum and the blog

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You are not alone, Maxime. I also really like old computers and systems. I have vms with Win98SE and Win95 and am looking for a classic machine to use these systems in real. Last year I got to use ICQ 2003b on Win98Se vm and it worked! It’s very cool to do these experiments.

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you quoted the wrong post.

but still, dont judge people just because they want and or can use a old operating system

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