Sorry for what i did and i want to be forgiven

hi. I think some of the mods know me. I was banned for acting like a child. I moved away from my family in America (I stay at a friend) and I have learned my lesson. I know when y’all said that I shoved an lego up my brothers a** but it was a joke. (its like an sentence in Romania when u are angry but not most of the people use it) I didn’t really do that. my brother now says he is sorry for what he did but now I really want to enter back the server. I PROMISE I won’t make bad jokes and things that I did then and I want to say that if I get on discord I will focus helping the server (I really love msn and things about widows live and escargot) and I will try to make friends. I am so sorry that I did those things and now I want a second chance to be forgiven and I will never do it again. (and if you want to help me with something: my discord says that I need to verify my phone ( I used the same number on my alt acc) and it says that my number is invalid. help please. I can still see the notifications from discord tho)
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mods please forgive me for what me and my brother did and to help me get back my discord account…

Let me make this very clear.

First of all, no, you can’t be unbanned.
Furthermore, stop.
The moderators of this forum have nothing to do with the service or our Discord.

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ok, i will stop