Sony Vegas vs Camtasia Studio

Hi there! i am Andreso and i’m going to tell a little comparative made entirely by my opinion of these 2 video editors.

  • Sony Vegas: It’s a very complete video editor capable of a lot of stuff if you know it up to down, it’s easy or hard depending of your experience and what you gonna do with it, has A LOT of features and interesting things.

  • Camtasia Studio: It’s a very good editor if you wanna something a little bit more simple, YES, you can do very professional works on it if you know how to properly use it, but doesn’t has that lot of features that offers you Vegas, but is good if you don’t wanna puke because the things that are a little bit more complicated on Vegas and you want do things easily and quickly.

I first used Camtasia Studio, i learned very well how to use it and was easy, but my PC is very weak and the slow that ran Camtasia on it was the reason why i migrated to Sony Vegas (specifically Sony Vegas Pro 9), my first impression was that is very confusing with that huge amount of functions, it scared me at the start, i was very nervous about if it was going very hard to use, but i’m handling it very well, still i don’t have the same experience i had with Camtasia, but Ok.

So, if you don’t need to do a lot of things with variations of effects and/or a very professional edition work and you only want to do a work easily and simpler, use Camtasia Studio, but if you wanna do more variated things, professional edition or just having more freedom to do anything you want, use Sony Vegas.



I don’t do video creation or editing at the moment (will try later on), but i’ve hear that Sony vega has the tendency to crash randomly and stuff, but i’ve never used it… so yeah, wait for other people to try to help you, so just be cautious with it for the time being, unless that issue has been fixed or if i’m corrected. Good luck! (sorry i was no help :slightly_frowning_face:

Just use DaVinci 14 dude.

Ughh, DaVinci is okay. It’s very good for basic editing and colour grading. However I wouldn’t use it by itself for film editing. I often use Sony Vegas for my main editing, whether it be cutting up the video, adding effects and more.
I then use Adobe Audition to mix my sounds and music properly, and Adobe After Effects for more effects as well. If I don’t do my colour grading there, I use DaVinci for it, as it has a very good tool to allow you to do so.

I used to use Camtasia back when I made gaming videos when I was younger, I loved the simplicity of it, and how effective it was. But it doesn’t have the full amount of tools and features that someone needs for film making, and I grew to become annoyed with it because of that.

Realistically, if you’re making a video for something, especially a high-quality one, you are going to need to use more than just one program, as I found out when I got into film making.

For audio: Audacity
For video: Kdenlive ?

Kdenlive is a good shout for video editing, but I haven’t got a lot of experience with it. But as a sound designer and music producer, Audacity is a no go aha. It’s DAW interface is horrible compared to other DAW’s out there, it’s VST support is quite low, and it’s just overall meh. It can be good for quick dirty edits, like making a song louder, or bass-boosting something. But if you’re producing sounds, it’s a challenge in Audacity.

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Sony Vegas only crashes if your PC is unestable or something more, mine one is slow but only crashed in really weird cases. Also it has autosave so if it crashes you’re saved

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Vegas Pro have a trouble when put Bandicam MP4 videos.
The sound desync and sometime it’s cut for some reason.
And Vegas Pro will not work with AVI Bandicam videos too.
If you put it, there is no sound in Track.