Something messed up about Wildman's AIM server

If you aren’t in the know, @Wildman_Fujiami’s AIM server tends to send messages to the wrong people, which is a big concern if you’re sending something you wouldn’t want to send to someone else.

But alongside that and the poor implementation of setting/removing buddy icons (for Pete’s sake, you have to go log in on your AIM account and set it from there every time), there is something that I’d like to address, specifically on his “TOS”:


Now, if you don’t understand what I’m trying to bring to attention, let me break it down like this:

  • You mess up on @Wildman_Fujiami’s AIM forums
  • Not only is your forum access revoked
  • But your AIM account is also revoked from logging in onto AIM as well!

Since he doesn’t specify whether your forum access ONLY is revoked, you can only assume that your AIM is dragged along into the ban zone too.

I would get banning someone’s forum access for breaking the rules, but why would you ban someone’s personal IM account for breaking the rules on a forum/another unrelated service that you own? Seems pretty unreasonable and even messed up. If someone were to mess up on the forums, intentional or not, they’d lose access to their IM account, with all of their friends, family, and whatnot. And you expect them to suck it up!

I could bring up people who signed up for Escargot that don’t have access to MessengerGeek anymore: @Leo_Historias, @GreenStarYT/@Informatic_Star, and probably some others I don’t know about. And guess what, neither @TReKiE nor @valtron have suspended their IM accounts. Why? Because they don’t go overboard and restrict your only access to your online friends. And it’s not like they’ve done some pretty illegal stuff on the IM system itself, anyways.

I could even branch this out to another occurrence of mine:

I had been banned on the Yahoo! forums for basically breaking some dumb rule about not posting links that go outside of the forum’s range, but I still had access to Yahoo!, it’s email service, and even its “new” incarnation of Yahoo! Messenger.

I’m not calling for a userbase-wide strike or for the AIM server to be shut down, but just know from now on that I do not plan to continue using Wildman’s AIM server anymore, nor do I plan to use any of his products, especially any with these types of asinine terms until Wildman either clears himself up, in the best case scenario that he worded something wrong, or he doesn’t involve your AIM account being banned in a violation of forum rules, in the worst case scenario that he intentionally meant what he put.

With that said, I hope you have a nice day. :slight_smile:

~ OhHelloThereImTheGuy

jesus fuck what a load of bullshit on wildman’s part

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You know, it’s been 2+ weeks, and not even a statement from @Wildman_Fujiami ANYWHERE regarding what I have brought up on this thread.

And before you bring up that he’s hasn’t been online for a while, he’s basically still active, according to this reply he posted on a thread on his forum.

I’m not saying he doesn’t care about this thread, but if he isn’t even going to address this whole nonsense, thread or not, consider my usage of his products DONE WITH!

Well, i don’t even care about what you’re saying.
If you got banned, well, you are banned!
Nobody cares, it’s your problem.

(You got banned?)

That wasn’t the problem.

@Wildman_Fujiami banning your AIM (your IM) account for a violation of forum rules is the problem.

(And no, I did not get banned.)

Well, why the hell does he ban people for a volation of forum rules?
Good, you didn’t get banned at least.

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“what if” theory:

forum user db = aim user db

end of story, leave.

Welp, looks like the @Wildman_Fujiami himself elaborated on his “banning” rule:

Nice to know that I won’t be restricted of my IM account for forum violatio-

OK, wait. What’s this?

Again, seriously? Stripping people’s ability to talk to people for harassing others? Doesn’t sound bad on paper this time, but then again, if you really think about it, those people have others they want to talk to, like friends, family, etc., and if someone is harassing a person, the victim can just block them. Isn’t a one and done solution, but it’s effective. You know, if I had paid close attention to the “you’ll be kicked off the server for a determined amount of time,” I wouldn’t have made a fool of myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, that system could be misused. There could be a mix of actual harassment complaints, and there could be a mix of whiny babies saying some person called them a meanie word.

that the most interesting - for bugs on the forum i was not banned

my buggy threads it is probably not going to delete


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