Something I might of found out about the last Messenger server that Reviver used

Hi guys. I might of found out something about that last Messenger server that “shut down” in 2017. Well upon some research, it was actually shutdown in 2019. In 2017, WLM 2012 couldn’t connect to the server, so people thought it shutdown. It was used by Skype 7 until 2019 when it shutdown. Microsoft just blocked MSNP21 and older so WLM can’t connect. Only MSNP24 (Skype 6 and 7) could connect, but it was shutdown in 2019 to get people to go to Skype 8.
I don’t know if this is true or not. It might be.

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then i wasn’t lying back in 2018, but okay

MSNP21 was blocked. That means Reviver wouldn’t work anyway.

not wanting to bring this back, but you were lying back in 2018

you were saying messenger reviver 2 worked, which it didn’t, and there’s a looot of proof



as epictaco said, it uses MSNP22, so maybe

Yes. I am correct. WLM 2011/2012 uses MSNP21, and if the protocol is blocked, it can’t connect.

Wait, wasn’t butterfly messenger using THAT?

Yes, and just like WLM 2012 it stoped working

Like… Using MSNP22

If Escargot ever gets MSNP21 support, then we can use Butterfly Messenger again. But it would be kinda useless since MSNP18 (WLM 2009) would probably also come out by then.