Something about Escargot site

go to: text goes here here-#create-account

And i will say Account the thing you entered created

heres a screenshot to prove it

For the user who clicked it: dont click it just copy it

Tell us how this will do anything aside from change the value of the e-mail address in the notification. It’s not even like it creates the account that way nor is it a secret hidden away in the server somewhere.

It’s part of the site due to the HTTP library @valtron has to use for the server, which isn’t compatible with server-side languages, which would help with the whole dynamic thing. All I’m getting from this is baby’s first query string modification.

making the escargot version of .net passport, yeah sure maybe it will be soulcrushing but ehhhh can’t be that baaaaaad (of course it is)

aka using the sql database as a login system for escargot (as a website), yeah how about no

technically nice abilities possible but just thinking about it is hard