Something about Di3g0 and Jonathan Vladimir (putin) and needs to be punished

So I was on MSN talking to my friends, until a idiot named “Di3g0 and Jonathan Vladidad” started to invite me to their group chats over and over again. I have had it. Someone please, take them off MSN and please punish them at all costs. Thanks :wink:

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I really wonder if we can add a custom feature that makes us able to reject group chats, MSN is being abused every day by thoes :confused:


Because the mexicans and brazilian fuckers (except my friend Blu Engie) keeps inviting us without permission

Dealing with “group bullying” was always a long standing feature request. Thankfully most modern clients today have “mute” functions, but Messenger does not.

With that in mind, I’ve always suggested that instead of leaving the chat (only to be re-invited), you can use a utility to hide the window. Note that If you have the sound on for Messenger, you may want to turn it off because otherwise you’ll continue to hear sounds from that window.

Unfortunately the tool I used to suggest is no longer available, so I found this one (there are many others you can find by looking up hide window freeware), Taskbar Hide. In this situation, you would open up the tool, select the checkbox for the group conversation window and then choose the Hide button.


Then the window and its people are gone, and they can’t re-invite you because you never left.

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oh. thanks. BTW i can see me :3

You’re popular :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I forgot to mention, there’s also Bill’s solution which could be helpful too depending on the circumstances, however if someone on your contact list is doing the inviting and you don’t know who it is, that’s not going to help.

As far I know, I don’t think I’ve ever invited anyone to a conversation without their consent and I’m a bit surprised anyone in our community here would bother doing so.

I wrote a little tutorial that might like.

How to avoid chat groups

If you added in any chat group that don’t want, you need to check some things to avoid being added again.

  • Only a person in your contact list can add you, check in the contact list in the chat:

  • You will find a contact that will be in the main window, now let’s go in this window and do a right click in the contact like the print below:

  • Now it’s only press Block option in the menu and this contact will not be able to add you again in a chat group.

  • Be happy.

But I do not wan’t Block this contat what I will do?

Only a few options left over in this case.

  • Change the status to Busy to not be bothered by the sound and ignore the chat window.
  • Change the status to Appear Offline but you won’t able to chat with your contacts.
  • And the last option is close the MSN.

I hope I’ve helped you with this little tutorial. :grinning:


I have been invited to this chatroom today aswell and all I did was blocking and deleting whoever invited me. That solved the problem. At least that’s how MSN users used to handle this 10 years ago. As far as I know there’s no way out besides blocking, although what JK suggested might come in handy unless multiple chatrooms are created.

I also noticed before I succeeded to leave you constantly calling people out as niger, fggots, stuff about mexicans and so on @thehoovylord . You should’ve used this time to just block/delete instead, as I have. Try saying this little about yourself before you ask people in a public forum to add you and they might just want to avoid your sickened behavior by not adding you in the first place aswell. Win win.

for someone of us simply ignoring the group invitations are not enough as it does lag messenger to a point that messenger cannot be used. so the suggestion of finding out who it is first and then block that contact/non-contact is all we have for now. if it continues. it may be multiple people which I find that I am not surprised at it. i simply found out who it is and turned on the allow list. in addition I have blocked the people who were doing it.
since then i have declined other contact add request as I have made a choice to not accept additional contacts into my contact list. as of that day I have not received any group invitations from anyone. if we want a group chat to use then that is okay but bullying with it is not. so I may add someone to a group chat suddenly but not to do any of which had happened. if i do it’s because i want to chat with multiple people at the same time without opening multiple windows at the same time. this is a reason in which chat should be used if not more.

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The cause of lag is the message history saved by MSN.

Tools > Messages > Uncheck “Automatically keep a history of my conversations”

Restart the Messenger and disable in all accounts and no more lag! :smiley:

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These people added me and it was Annoying.

sorry haven’t had any lag since the group bully.

This guy had added me in groups as well, I just went to Tools -> Options -> Privacy and checked the “Only people on my whitelist can see my status and send me messages” option. If they continue to add you, do the process that @Daigou has shown, blocking who adds you.

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Hey, users of all countries are doing this, not only “mexicans and brazilians”

Yeah, but my friend, Taka Channel (you known him for his username in Escargot MSN) doesn’t do that :stuck_out_tongue: