Someone recreated the maxime account

and i have access to it, it was my friend who did it.

Also a message to
I was the one talking to you, not the real maximez that account got deleted.
I swear to god it was me talking to you at 9:00 pm central time on 5/20/2020 (unless the real maxime hacked in, i wouldnt do anything like what he did.)

Also please dont ban the account, i dont want my friend getting angry at me, i thought all the people in the list he had talked to and told them about the account, and yes i have permission to be on the account

I hope i didn’t make someone quit using Escargot because of this.

What exactly did your friend do with the account? And regardless of how they approached people through the account, that should be enough to have it removed again. Hope this doesn’t get to the point where a global ban list will have to be put in place.

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The only contact the new maxime “talked” to was me for private shitposty purposes. I also wanted to monitor if people still attempted to add maxime’s email even after it was deleted (in which 5 people tried to add him)

Oh and, if you’re planning to delete it, mind if you also delete and I haven’t used those accounts since forever.

I dont remember talking to jtran, so it might have happened after I gave the account to Grumpz for some Win8 CP vm.

Yeah, with the people adding him and supposedly Grumpz using it to talk to someone, I think you guys had enough play time for one day. I’ll be removing the account pretty soon.

Also @anon94 sure.

All 3 accounts now no longer exist. Had to restart the server just to make sure changes went through :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, if you find any other emails with the name “Chazpelo” or “chaz.pelo” on the escargot database, these are old sockpuppets of mine from 2017-2019, I dont need those anymore.

It happened after you gave it to me.