Someone knows a driver pack (DLLs) For Windows 98?

Is because I have a VM, and I want to share a vmdk on my blog of Windows 98SE Plus! So, I need to prepare all the drivers and a modern browser that works on Windows 98SE with/without KernelEx, so I saw K-Meleon, but gets errors of DLLs (like other apps using KernelEx), so, someone knows a App or a driver pack or a modern Browser that works on Windows 98SE?

The firefox works, but is old (version 10), and some sites it don’t works, or get a error of “security”:

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I recommend you that you see this article

Also don’t pay attention to the other replies there they are spam.

I already see it but I don’t search for the correct one

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Oh so you say that you want any browser

that works in any modern sites, yes

Try brave

Hello try opera 9.64 it works on 98

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Get retrozilla instead

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or use kernelex with a firefox-based browser

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