Someone have a free XP VM/VPS Up?

Guys, @InSanic needs a VPS/VM that will be up for hours to compile the Windows XP for Xbox 360 from the leak (actually for PowerPC, since Xbox 360 has PowerPC on it), and, he is compiling from the leak thanks for @Megadeth58. Fortunally ur PC works with Windows XP, but, unfortunally, for some reason, the PC gets BSOD (and the PC is not modern, but specs from 2010, not Pentium IIII) (BSOD on InSanic PC)

And, I would do it, but, I shut down my computer in 10PM, and, I go my PC “sleep” because I be AFK… So that is the reason

Anything related to say that InSanic will never found one, and those things, wil be reported

@retiWin hosts ShostPC, which only has XP

Why would you need PPC Windows XP? It is more worth using Linux on a PPC machine than Mac OS X or Windows.

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It’s just an experiment, not a serious attempt to make a Xbox 360 a real oc, it only has 512mb ram and a cpu which i would say a core 2 duo e6600 is very similar

I might aswell compile it for ARM too, so maybe we can bring it to a RPi or maybe a Phone/Tablet

I already finished setting both setups, i just need the XP image

because Xbox does not work on Windows Vista and up, due to low RAM usage, I know you can run Linux on it, but, it was not Windows XP on Xbox

Xbox one would make more sense but to run homebrew u have to pay for Microceira for Dev mode

You don’t even have a Xbox 360 cross compiler.

Ive litterally already made a PPC image of Win XP, im installing it im QEMU rn, so i can get an image

Im even gonna see if i can get drivers to work

EDIT: Fixed typos, fuck Hacker’s keyboard

I havent heard that since almost a year ago.

I dont think it exists anymore.

Alessio said recently said that he was testing some stuff

UPD: i finished everything and i put everything in a image and i made a .ELF file that launches Windows

I still haven’t jailbroken my xbox but i might try it in an emu

some months ago… i’m not working on it anymore.

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Why would someone host a public XP server? That is a HUGE security risk and most servers use Windows Server 2003 instead.