Someone has access on my DONT ADD HIM!


someone has access on my old mail, and adds people and sends them viruses IF YOU RECEIVE ANY ADD REQUESTS DONT ADD HIM!!

thank you.


Then I’ll write with he :smiley:








Dude? What is actually wrong with you?
His email got hacked, it’s good to let the community know as Alex has been here for a long time and has added a lot of people on Escargot.

He’s not retarded, if anything he is smarter than you because he actually has common sense and let’s everyone know about the current situation.


windows 8 DOES suck


its Windows 8 not 8.1 (Community hates the Windows 8)


idk why, Win 8 and Win8.1 are the same.


not the same, you dont know what updated beside the home button.



rant rant war war


I’m actually appalled by the fact that half of this thread turned into “Windows 8 suxxx go die in a hole xDD.”

EDIT: This paragraph was a misunderstanding. Please take it with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:
Oh yeah @Machintosh_Lapfan you don’t get to control what people’s status messages or opinions in general are (from looking at the screenshots you just seem to be pretty offended by a simple status message saying “Windows 8 sucks.”). Possibly, the hacker changed the personal status to troll or Alex just wanted to do that because he personally thinks that Windows 8 isn’t that great. In either case, just take the message with a grain of salt or simply realize that people won’t have the same opinion as you.

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You said well, my friend. The hacked account may or may not send viruses to its “targets,” but skeptical assumptions that it may send viruses does not make the person lesser than they are. Who in there right mind would just insult someone because they weren’t PRECISE? The victim is worried and doesn’t want to take the risk to see for themselves. I, myself would just tell people to avoid the account, but being skeptical that their hacked whatever might send viruses does not give you the right to insult them because “they don’t.”

This forum needs some more spirit.


you know i just made this for funny ?


Do they have access to the email address or the Escargot account?


Oh sorry then, bad judgement. It was just the other comments that kind of fueled my thinking that you were actually mad over a status message.

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all my friend use status messages like ‘‘Windows 8 sucks’’ ‘‘internet explorer sucks’’ and others things just to make me angry ( so this is nothing )


guys relax the account has been deleted thanks to valtron.


wait should this thread be closed because your hijacked account has been deleted.

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