Someone already tried yahoo messenger revival?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Nope but maybe haves support for Escargot

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   (*this is by the same Phoenix AIM creator*)

                                                         - *Nicolas*

link? of ymsgs?

But the server is really buggy, contacts appear offline while online, messages most of the time don’t send.


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Oh, sorry

As @penguin001 mentioned, the Yahoo! Messenger is patched, but it has many major buggs like laggs and etc.

Hopefully the Escargot team is looking into Yahoo! Messenger patchment as well next to WLM 2009 :slight_smile: It’ll work on stronger host, and probably more patched functions.

Hope you work on it. Good Luck!

I’m not working on it, but some Escargot Developers is trying to do their best. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry. :blush: I mean the Escargot Developers. :smile:

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