Some things you found in your house

Welcome! In this topic you can sent some technology that you found in trash, maybe parents friend’s give you or that you found home (stupid idea, no?)

i found my old playstation 2 slim with ps1 collection games

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old phones (one of which i installed a custom ROM)
a old computer used by a school i studied who can BARELY run win 7 starter

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This is not in the house, but outside it. A few years ago I went to take the trash out and there was a PC (standard corporate black ATX case, no monitor) sitting right on top of the pile of junk in the dumpster, which was conveniently full. I had passed the dumpster ~30 minutes previous, and the PC wasn’t in there then, so it had just been delivered there by someone.

Anyway, I took it home, and it ended up being an i7 4790, with two small SSDs, 16GB of RAM, running Win7. Both the PC and its parts have come in handy, most recently with using one of its SSDs to run my PC when my main one failed.

That’s really nice! (moderator writes to my post?)

Well I found this iPad first generation

i found a old compac pc i forgot that brand even eas a thing