Some idea i had

How about a project where you can upload user-created winks, plugins, themes, emoticons, walls, games, all in one place for someone to download or play.
EDIT: i just wanted to help you okay, i just wanted a file sharing like site where you can just publish anything msn related or something, just thought i wanted to let you know since you clearly did not understand this the first time i released this post.

how to make a msn emoticon:
Get Emoticon Creator, this program makes Emoticons, that look lioke msn ones
also that 2nd part, iLoveMessenger does not exist anymore.
(nor do i want to apply it to a website)

Get this

I would LOVE it :slight_smile:

Yeah dude, like when there is no MSM or WLN versions Users can make his version of MSM or WLN