[SOLVED] Yet Another MSN5+ on Windows 2000 thread

Problem description: Escargot service seems to load fine on IE6, but MSN 7.0 refuses to connect.

Error code/error message: 81000314, service temporarily unavailable.

What has been tried so far: After a lot of troubleshooting and kernel/IE updates, this was the most hopeful outcome so far.

Messenger version: MSN 7.0

Windows version: Windows 2000 SP4 with latest BlackWingCat Extended Kernel, latest IE6.0 SP1 updates, latest (May 2021) root cert updates.

Hey all! After a lot of work trying to drag Windows 2000 screaming into the future, here’s what I got. I’ve looked elsewhere on the forum but haven’t found anyone with the same issue as me, so hopefully I’m not spam posting with this.

I have a Windows 2000 system (specifically, running on a 1998 Compaq Armada 7800), with the upgrades mentioned above. In IE6, I can load up the Escargot endpoint both through the old m1.escargot.log1p.xyz URL and the newer msnmsgr.escargot.chat URL, both returning HTTP 405, which from what I can tell, should be expected correct behaviour. I see the same HTTP response on a modern browser in a modern system. I have SSL2 and 3 disabled, TLS1, 1.1 and 1.2 enabled in Internet Options. However, trying to log in with the MSN Messenger 7.0 client (last one released for 2000, 7.5 install asks for XP SP2) returns me this service unavailable code. I can confirm the service is online logging in on a newer system with the same account. Any ideas what else I could be missing? Thanks!

seems like “just keep trying over and over” somehow eventually worked! no HTTPS proxies needed, works natively as long as you have everything up to date as i did :slight_smile:


Good that you figured out the problem and solved it.

i think it’s an issue that should be investigated a little further by those with more knowledge about the server, it does work eventually but it’s far from ideal right now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: