[SOLVED]Windows Vista installer freezing up

It happens after I click in the operating system or inserts a product key on it

The OS is Windows XP Integral Edition x32 and I need to install Windows Vista Starter, but the installer simply doesn’t wanna proceed after the Product Key (or OS) selection. Tried about two ISOs, but it didn’t worked
When I tried used VMs, they’ve worked fine

The setup.exe file seems to be running and making up to 72% of my CPU, so that’s maybe something.
Right now it’s been at freeze station for about (EDIT) 16 minutes, but nothing have happened to the setup process

Rn it sounds like the laptop will fry. Should I try smth else or should I continue waiting?

Uh… So, now I after 17 minutes or smth the installer finally decided to come back…

…So I think we all should be patient? Eh idk lol :.P