(Solved!) Error 80048821 with recommended pre-patched MSN 8.5 on Windows 10

I’m having trouble with logging in. I downloaded the recommended pre-patched WLM 8.5 version of MSN, then registered on Escargot MSN Server under my 12-year-long used Hotmail e-mail address (I don’t know was that a stupid idea).

This is my error:

WARNING! Just that you know, I have Windows 10 Pro, not XP. This is just Windows XP look & feel from Michael MJD’s tutorial on patching Windows 10’s themes with XP.

Regarding the password, it’s impossible that it’s a wrong password. I use KeePass password manager for copypasting passwords directly from the password database. However, I did not yet receive an activation e-mail message from Escargot upon registering. Spam folder does not contain it either.

Under HxD hex editor, Windows Live Messenger’s EXE file seems to already have been patched. All of the strings that gotta be patched have already been patched for me.

So, I don’t know what I did wrong. Should I try registering another account under a different domain where my e-mail address is required?

All other error 80048821-related topics are either not for my OS, or they are not yet solved. Heh, story of my life since 2008. Back then, if I get a solution, it will be some “survey/trojan/virus/login/adware/demo/trial/etc.” stupidity. rotflmaololžbre :stuck_out_tongue: I hope this time not :smile:

Thank you for your support!

8.x has problems with passwords longer than 8 characters.
Reset your password here https://escargot.log1p.xyz/forgot

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Thank you! This works now!

Changed my password now and it works. I kinda have a deja-vu that it happened back then in 2011 when I had to make my password work properly.

Oh my. MSN is so epic! The scripts, the automatic responses, the events, the chatlogs, all on client-side. Oh my… The nostalgia. And it’s so much better than I remember! I didn’t even use half of the functions Microsoft offered in 2010! Amazing!

Thank you so much!