So yeah this will happen after the end of Firefox for XP.............and vista


Use Opera I guess.

lol it cant open sourceforge

Then that’s a root cert problem, not a browser-specific problem.

Never mind its fixed

Use MyPal, it’s made specifically for XP


Download link please?

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Thanks umm its Designed for Windows XP? :smile:

It’s a fork of Pale Moon which is a fork of Firefox.
Which means it’s (mostly) compatible with old Firefox XPI addons.

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Yay thanks-:slight_smile:

There are still some alternatives:

  • Opera (security updates only)
  • Yandex Browser
  • Mypal (as @sidnoway quoted above)
  • UC Browser (but it’s Chinese :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Seamonkey (which will not last long)

its a shitbrowser after 2013

Assuming it started to use the Chromium codebase by then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d expect a lot of RAM eaten by Opera if that’s the case. :stuck_out_tongue:

MyPal is based of Pale moon, so the ie works on it too!

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I personally use Maxthon browser, it works decently well actually