Snailscape: Looking for server managers and programmers


The plan isn’t just to have one person do all, so team work is definitely important. Having network administrators and design people to work in a group manner is the goal. But as @OhHelloThereImTheGuy said you can do more than one thing so it’s not like everyone has to do a single task for a single skill if there are multiple people working on it.


That’s what I was trying to describe the whole deal as: multiple people working together at once to get Snailscape going. But it appears that I didn’t make that clear enough. :blush:


i can help… but what is snailscape


As I said before:


It has come to my attention that people who were interested in joining Snailscape haven’t read the thread properly. They either still assume that they could just get the pick by replying to this thread or by messaging @Floobby directly. Unfortunately, this is not how you can be picked to work for us. Should I make it clear again?

E-mail us at with a formal description of your experience with server management or programming so that you have more of a chance of being considered. Simply replying to this thread or directly messaging @Floobby or me won’t result in you being picked!


It is a “hobby” job or a real job?




Pretty much a volunteer job. :stuck_out_tongue: