Small Concept Of a dark theme for Messenger geek

im too lazy to do the posts, i dont want to do 100+ posts. smh, i would like someone to go ahead and improve this theme, as always, ill inform the fonts, Segoe UI And its light variant, size 14.


nice one, lad.

if you guys just can’t wait to have the dark theme, just use this userstyle Manjaro Forums Dark Theme (Discourse) | and modify it, so it would work for

The userstyle works pretty well, here’s the preview

and here’s a little twist to the .d-header

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Tho, can you add my header?

I just lazily modified the gradient code to fit with the background’s color. That’s all. I ain’t even a css geek or something but i think it would work like as an image

Thats fine, also, discourse should have a option to make the picture square

Anyhoo you have the clean header image thing? (w/o the msg logo and the icons)

the icons suck, i can really get’em, the msg however, is here:

you cant see the text cause, duh

i DIDN’T want the logo and the icons, just that the background in that header

there you go

however, the logo is gonna be unreadable.

it actually works pretty ok

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if we could publish that into user styles, i have stylish

Nah, i don’t think so since it’s modified from an another style.

So here are the things to add in the end of the userstyles if you want to realize Megadeth’s concept.

.d-header {
background-image: url('')

img.avatar {
border-radius: 0%;

also working great here

Seems Cool!

this may be compatible

it works.

with that, we can now add live scenes, YAIIII

image hosting 101:

Expanding the header, it looks awesome as fuck!

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oh wow I like that since I am colorblind. it’s been hard to see things. though I am colorblind I still can see some color. just not the ones with red in them. the blue is awesome with the black and is not so bright on my eyes. white is the reason my eyes hurt all the time, though that may be. I want the whole community to be happy with a theme we all can agree with.

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Just to keep in mind, the update is in 1 days.