*slams table* Give me your web buttons

not really. just me messing with piskel (The button, Not the website)

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The most unrelated program ever but well for it to be made 100% in mspaint it actually looked good ig:

Here’s a super-colored version:

Gonna upload it to gif later on

Does anyone think these buttons are a bit small? From my memory, when I originally saw them all over the web back in the 90s, they seemed significantly larger. With that in mind, I did some math comparing a 640x480 12" screen vs a 1920x1080 24" screen, and recalculated[1] the size based on screen PPI, which means a 88 x 31 button would look closer a 122 x 42[2] one. (Rounding a little to make it divisible by two.)


With that figured out, here is an original IE button, from my even more ancient web site, file dated ‎‎June ‎29, ‎1996.

As upscaling turns into a blurry mess, I decided to remake the button from scratch. After a lot of work, I present the IE button 2023 edition:



Here’s an even larger one!

  1. 640x480 @ 12" = 66.67 ppi, 1920x1080 @ 24" = 91.79 ppi ↩︎

  2. 88*(91.79/66.67) = 121.1567 px = 122, 31*(91.79/66.67) = 42.68 px ↩︎


Didn’t think anyone would do this lol


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dosent my button look MacOS ish

Can you provide the actual files, if possible?

That’s not the kind of button i mean, sorry

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Made this for the website 3ds.hacks.guide, a dedicated website as a tutorial for homebrewing and installing CFW (custom firmware) onto Nintendo 3DS systems.

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Should I use your project to make it even bigger? Like a 1000xidk size?

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I just noticed yours has a higher framerate too. Nice work!

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Of course :stuck_out_tongue:
As I think about this more, in a world of crazy DPIs and screens, perhaps svg buttons might be best, then they could retain quality at any size.

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Oh I meant to mention that. I took the animation from the intro AVI on the Internet Explorer 3 Starter Kit, which has the highest res version of the animation that I’ve seen.

Unfortunately it’s not 100% complete and I had to take a few extra frames from IE3’s SHDOCVW.DLL too.


btw do you know the font that is being used?

Well my PC kinda needs a DPI adjustment, but it seems like it’s not possible in Catalyst and Windows (because it needs a specified DPI res, but to a lower one)

‘FREE’ is Arial Bold, 11pt
‘Microsoft’ is Arial Bold, 10.5pt
‘Internet Explorer’ is Arial Black, 13.6pt

I don’t have any special knowledge, it was trial and error until it all seemed to fit against the upscaled original.

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i made a steam one :stuck_out_tongue:

heres also a kikoabdou one

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idk how to make one :3