Skype4Life in Windows Insider builds

Just randomly I noticed a name change in the built-in Windows Skype client (claims to be version 14) on these newer Windows Insider builds. What used to be called SkypeApp.exe has now been renamed to Skype4Life.exe.

I have no idea why the executable identifies itself as version 8, itโ€™s definitely not Skype 8 at present.

and SkypeHelper.exe is what SkypeHost.exe used to be.

Oh dear :stuck_out_tongue:


Microsoft is really starting a monopoly skype vs msn (a monopoly with the software they made) :stuck_out_tongue:

uh NO , microsoft dont even remenber msn anymore

So why they are naming Skype4life.exe?
And btw they remember msn,they just want ppl to use newer messenger like, skype.Because they think msn succ skype4life!!!1111111

The filenames really make you think the thought process behind Microsoft and its employees. Skype > everything other messaging platform besides texting, or no? :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like a simple microsoft injoke to me

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