[Skype] yellow message bar


Sometimes wenn i wanne start a chat in skype,
i get a yellow bar showing up with a message that my contact doesnt have skype yet, with a button to send a download link.
The weird thing about it, is that this message doesnt allways shows up.
I didnt had this message for weeks, and now surtenly it shows up again.

Is there a way to get rid of that annoying message for good?

Or do those messages show up because Microsoft is working on things?
Since they dont show up allways?


Also on a side note,

I did delete a couple of skype media stack files that were stored in the tracing folder on Windows7.
Not sure if that might have anything to do with it?



This can be a bug or just the specific contact deleting and re-creating your account again.
I know that’s a bit of a no-no, but it’s just a theory.


How about a screenshot? I can’t say I’ve seen this myself.


Sorry for my late reaction but the issue went away.
Thanks for the help guys.

This topic can be locked.

I have a new problem that recently occured.
But i will create a new topic for that.


probaly Microsoft will fix that :slight_smile: