Skype 7 survivors thread

You can still use Skype 7 after November 1st only stupid press people think its dead:

Guess what!

The writers at The Register are assholes, that’s why. :stuck_out_tongue:

well, well i no have anything to say in this thread, but skype 7 is great

Either MS is stupid, or they decided to leave Skype 7 alive a bit longer.

Didn’t happened the same to MSN/Windows Live Messenger?
Microsoft officially killed it and discontinued its support but we could use it for years thanks to @TReKiE and thanks to MS for not shut the servers down completely until a long time.

why you even skype 7

yeah that true, but M$ wants seems cool and use a new visual futurist :frowning: this visual in my opinion and the motion animations are kind of meh, but this is not working very well, but for other people skype is wonderful, but for some (we, most of the people of old microsoft fans who loved MSN Messenger) did not like it, they hated the new concept of skype, and the discontinuation of MSN, they want the Messenger to return officially but we do not know if in the near future or long, M$ change their idea, but we do not predict the future but we can be patient and wait for time and M$ to change their minds, and I thank @TReKiE and @OhHelloThereImTheGuy for taking the time to relive our memories. But this is just my opinion. :smile:

But MSN was actually good, Skype is garbage.

top 10 people that hate skype only because ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ it killed MSN ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’


top 10 people that hate the new skype only because the old one was better


in that i agree , skype 7 is way better than skype 8


Summing up my post, i say about MSN and Skype, obviously,

i concorsue with you

If skype had a way to switch between conversations in tabs(ctrl+tab) or windows (alt+tab) it would be a little bit better.
Not to mention if you talk with someone that has wrong clock the message glitches and and up on top of yours, even if they sent afterwards.
My hate with skype is just because it is terrible, not because it killed MSN.

i never cared about that :stuck_out_tongue:

this never happened to me

your definition of terrible is very strange :-/

Usually i talk with more than one person, and the inability to get conversations tabbed or windowed is annoying.
There are another poor implementation on the UI too, like when you click on a conversation the focused component should change to the text field that you use to send a message.

i honestly like the way that skype 7 does , i also talk with alot of people

how do you quick change conversations using only your keyboard?
Edit: the new skype changes the focus automatically, but the switching in conversations are still terrible.

i dont use my keyboard , i just click on the conversations that are literally on the side of my screen

switching in conversations is a piece of cake on skype 7 or heck , even skype 8 or the windows 10 edition , i never had any poblems with that

still slower than alt tab or ctrl tab