Skype 7 Download Link


The Classic Skype link was removed, so here’s this because the “new Skype” sucks.
I really enjoyed Classic Skype when the new Skype wasn’t a thing and I used it all the time.
EDIT: I am only keeping this post up in case Microsoft pulls the link again.


uh ur grammer and spel dont werck XD


that is skype 7 right ?


Yeah, it is. :stuck_out_tongue:


grammar.exe hahz stohp wurk lol


thank you, I was looking for this. :slight_smile:


tnx works


i remember version 4.2 came out in 2010 that was before microsoft bought skype


wait SKYPE 5.5 WORKS ??? it works with hotmail account ? because i use skype with a hotmail acount


I think i have not tested if i am wrong dont yell AT ME


it seems from what i have heard you cant send messages with 5.5


so its useless


basically you can look on youtube to find versions that are patched


Wow !:stuck_out_tongue: