Imagine a isp called
this is what their messenger would look like:


That looks good but the name would probably not work since well… (Even though this is only a concept) There’s already a ISP called Sky in the UK, Italy and Germany (Its sorta also in the US as Comcast) :/, but eh. Still good.

maybe release it in france, spain, poland eh?

Yeah but, remember what happened to OneDrive when it was called SkyDrive?
British Sky Broadcasting forced Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive

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Yeah, but it was released in UK. Since here if it one day releases, it will not be for uk users. therefore Sky would shut up and cry in their corner.

One Messenger confirmed

Microsoft OneChat

  • Preinstalled on Windows 11 as bloat

About the isp:
The isp was made even before when sky uk made their own isp and the messenger itself

About the messenger:
It was discontinued in certain countries
The first beta version was in 2000 and then released in 2005

Comcast owns Sky

Technically they didnt make their own ISP. They just bought the Easynet ISP in 2005, then made Sky Broadband in 2006

Eitherway, can we like stop talking about a British telecom even though i started this

totally unrelated but look. scatman dude is now a scam/spam



love this already