Skins not working

Problem description:I decided to try out some skins for wlm 2009 from the nina archive, but none of them work for me. Is there a reason why?

Error code/error message:The only message that always says is that “some skins may not be compatible”, but they’re indeed skins for wlm 2009

What has been tried so far: I decided to taste this thing on wlm 8.5, some of them worked, but not like in 2009, which none of them did.

Messenger version: Wlm 2009

Windows version: Windows 10

An example of one of the skins that doesn’t work would be helpful.

Which version of Messenger each skin is compatible with is defined by the skin author in a XML contained within each skin, so either the file is mislabelled or Plus! thinks you’re using a different version to what you’re using (which is really unlikely unless you’ve changed the version resources in the Messenger executable deliberately).

Basically the skin just doesn’t show up, it just looks like the standard messenger skin of wlm 2009. When I tried to do an experiment with the skins on 8.5 I did it on my other pc, so It couldn’t have been that.