Simple Guide for playing Tomodachi Collection on a PC

Hey! Here is a simple, and easy guide for installing the English patched Tomodachi Collection. Read on if you’re interested!

Step 1. Installing DeSmuME
Go to

Choose the first link for Windows, and choose the Mac link for macOS users.
Make sure to click Allow for DeSmuME to be launched because macOS and Windows needs a confirmation for launching it.

Step 2. Downloading the .NDS file
If you don’t want to go to a website, just download this. Unzip it.

Step 3. Opening the Game
In DeSmuME, click File -> Open ROM then look for the NDS file, choose Tomodachi Collection, then it will boot up. Make sure you save in the game, AND in DeSmuME slots. My tip for you.

And there you go, Tomodachi Collection! Enjoy.

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I succesfullly played Tomodachi Collection.