Sign in problem


Anyone can solve my trouble? MSN 7.5…


Lets say that your email is and your password is 1234.
To login on 7.5 you musto the following

In the email address you type test|1234@

And in thes password: 1234


Ok. I’ll try make this.


When I installed my MSN 7.5 I did not install the MSN Switcher and just used the Prepatched 7.5 replace on paste. Would that problem?


Same problem till…


Same error brother… how to fix ?


You are still not putting your password in the mail field. It should be like this:


Replace password with your password.


I really did not understand your explanation.


@Independent_Trucks to log in with MSN 7.5, you must put the password in the mail field at login.
For example, if your account is "" with password “cool”, you must write “hello|” as the mail, and anything you want (it will accept everything) in the password field, otherwise it won’t log.


Thanks! I loggin now. But why MSN automatically closing when I click on “Browser” to change the profile photo?


@valtron strange issue that


I solve my trouble. Thanks!


Very fortunate, I had no clue what to do about it. Can you share what you did to fix it?