Show Your Worse And Best Sparta Remix For A Reason

Worst I’ve Seen:

French Touch:

BEST EVER. a bit ridiculous but still i like this one:

I was a sparta remixer from 2015-2017, and i have plans to return. So i’m going to use my Sparta Remixes.

Worst i’ve made:
Reason: I was unexperienced, and most of the sources used in the Sparta Remix were mostly what I’d call “autism content”. I was 8 when i made that.

Best i’ve made:
While still being barebones. It sounds decent 3 years later, might be due to how that Parappa “Car-Chip CP” effect fits perfectly with that Roblox base. The only issue i have is that annoying OSC watermark in the bottom right corner, and the fact i viewbotted it.

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i mean that you’ve watched…but that applies too

i know how to make sparta remix but idk what is mine


I only have one, beacuse its the only one i ever heard