Show your presents! (2018 edition lol)

Welp, show us all of your presents, here’s mine (don’t mind the fuck symbol I made it’s a joke)!

Rocksmith gear, the cable and the game, pic coming Soon:tm:

2 in 1 laptop, Raspberry Pi, Minecraft stuff, Echo Dot, Old iPhone, headphones, Books, Monopoly, etc.

I just got some money and a couple of clothes. I didn’t even got what I asked for! :sob:

:frowning: me 2


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I got a 4K monitor, sweets, T-shirts and other random little things. Sadly I can’t get the 4K monitor to display 3840x2160… yet.

I got the Homestar Runner Everything Else Vol 1 DVD. Y’know, cause i heccin’ love Homestar Runner. EDIT: this morning apparently i got the nintendo switch with smash ultimate hahahaha

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Now that’s what I call advertising! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing. :frowning:

Various shirts, candy, and a bass guitar.

don’t worry bro… me too :\

Shorts, shirts and underwear xd

i got sonic mania for christmas ( and @Floobby gave me GMOD as a gift )


Google Pixel XL, Razer Kraken Pro v2, Razer DeathAdder Essential, and a Lava Lamp :stuck_out_tongue:

oo i have one of these

is this an Android TV Box?

yes :stuck_out_tongue: