Should we ban underaged people?

for context, underaged people are people under the age of 13

i’ve noticed recently that quite a few underaged people exist and of course this is a violation
of COPPA and GDPR in most countries

should we remove them from messengergeek ?

  • Yes
  • No

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This is an all ages forum.


I believe that the problem is not about children, but about maturity. I have seen several people in this forum who entered young, but have matured.

The problem is that these cases are exceptions: most of the younger people we see here are very immature. :confused:


that’s a must…
lets remember COPPA and gdpr

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MessengerGeek is a canadian website (what I mean by that is that its hosted in Canada). Its not a american/European website.

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But it’s also used by people from european countries.

And? It’s the parent’s fault for letting their underaged kids go unsupervised on the internet.

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I am sorry to say I know plenty of legal adults who are below your average teenager in maturity level. So arbitrary age requirements seem problematic at best. Not to mention how easy they are to abuse.

Also an obligatory reminder that you can ignore users in the User preferences settings, when other options might not be appropriate.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. duh, if underage people is banned, then this forum would become NSFW

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What? Just only because of underage users being banned, the forum would become NSFW? That doesn’t make sense

yeah, but since there is no longer kids in the forum, there would be no one to stop the nsfw poosters

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Are you a contortionist? I ask, as that was quite a stretch.


yep, ive seen inmatured adults/teens here, like @mine_master

MG wont become a dumping ground of r34

it will probable

That makes no sense. NSFW is still against the forum’s rules, having or not having kids in it will change nothing about that.

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A random user doing such poll isn’t magically the fate of this forum. As long @TReKiE doesn’t get a knock from any country or region, there won’t be changing much.

uh no, this is all ages due to it being hosted in canada

Werll theres COPPA and we dont want to have problems but well banning them doesnt affect them tooo much because oyu know they cant lie about theyre age

MG isn’t affected by COPPA, since it’s based in Canada.