Should this old product be back in our future generation and our future world?

This product is called “MSN TV" it was an old thing that you can possibly send an email, message by using msn messenger, the newest release of it was “MSN TV 2” it ended off back in 2013 due to skype, so my question is, is this possibly can be brought back by using escargot? This is one of the hardest things in my opinion but yeah, let’s say it’s possible or… impossible who knows or let’s see, this is more info of it’s old trailer: MSN TV 2 - "DRTV" Spot :60 - YouTube

They call it, nerdy tech :nerd_face:

Last words…

Someone was even showcasing it in 2021 Showcasing the MSN TV 2 in 2021 (NOISE WARNING) - YouTube

In the late 90s, it was called “WEB TV” before Microsoft buys it and changed its
name of it to “MSN TV” The WEBTV (MSNTV) Experience - YouTube this was back in 2013

This was back in 2007 Footage of MSN TV 2 online (circa 2007) - YouTube

I WOULD KILL FOR THAT 75% KEYBOARD, if it was mechanic.

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And it looks dope in general, using a TV for a MSN PC, is cool

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useless at all


What if it would be back tho? I’ll be addicted to this shit ngl

unless if it uses chrome or firefox

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just in case if they cant afford a smart tv ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I’ve never heard of MSN TV tbh, but yeah, it would be cool to have it back in the future.

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i repeat again: it needn’t today and nobody will be use it

msn gaming

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windows live*