ShostPC - We host PC's!

(Im the alt account of @RegularAlessio)

What is ShostPC? :

ShostPC is a service that host computers if you need a cloud pc

Why did you do that ? :

For peoples that need a cloud computer ! For a example, you broke your computer but, you need a computer, you can use ShostPC while waiting for your computer to be fixed !

Is it turned on 24h/24h ? :

Nope, but when we will have some better host computers, it will maybe be on 24h/24h !

What versions of Windows are supported ? :

Other versions are coming soon !

How can i have a ShostPC ? :

Ask me on discord ! : AlesGalaxy#0001


I didn’t know there were 24 days in the week :open_mouth:


Oops! Fixing that error i was meaning : 24H/24H

How can I can get my free VM?
Also what do you use to host these VM’s?

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  1. You can ask me on discord : AlesGalaxy#0001
  2. For people that need a cloud computer !
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doesn’t precisely answer but ok

Did you answer that question?

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well, wans’t my vm closed because alessio had to sleep yesterday?


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yeah but the answer to the question was

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Is it VMware ESXI? @ThatXPGeek

Oh yes, i didn’t read the question correctly

For the moment, VMware Workstation, we will maybe switch to a other service.

>Not server software
Yea it wont be 24/7, use ESXI or QEMU on linux

i’d doubt the windows vms would run like vmware.

Interesting concept, what do you use for remote access?

TeamViewer or AnyDesk (you can choose when we setup the vm)

We also make custom backgrounds!

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ask me if you want a [vm software] wallpaper

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i’ll use my made-in-mspaint bliss wallpaer :stuck_out_tongue:

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