[SHITPOST] I am now a windows vriska MVP

I wanted to say that

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is it basically a homestuck themed windows vista? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but less annoying, no bloat except for the celurean Luna theme,

How do you get to be a Windows Vriska MVP exactly?


I am the creator of it sooooooo

I must get nothing… And I said that to parody a bit the MS MVP thing. And as long as this is funny, I’ll laugh

I wonder if there’s really a Homestuck bootleg of windows

if there isnt, congrats, a 10 year old french kid on messengergeek thats into homestuck made a windows bootleg based on it

I mean not a bootleg but a homstuck customized pc

Here’s a fan made boot screen

Eventually, I know Java a bit

you can just use something like nlite, besides isnt windows coded in c++ or assembly?

Yeah… Guess I’ll not die