Share your YT channels

I’m like Justin Y. king of comments :stuck_out_tongue:

lol robux bait in your “about” page? you kidding me…

oof i forgot that but thats true

I have heard that these could ban you. I won’t go inside your “site”.

just ignore that

Doctor Who one :
Old One :
New One:

You can edit your description in the old version and remove the shady thing.

i alredy did that but its not changing here


My channel:
My msn tutorial video: - YouTube


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You’re not alone


guess trekie has his subscription list set to public :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to join the party and share my channel too. There used to be a lot more videos on it, including one about WLM back when Messenger Reviver was a thing.

I have one, and I would share it, but:

  1. There are no videos on it. Not even random clips of stuff I find funny or recordings of stuff (*cough* @TReKiE *cough*), so you’d be pretty disappointed in that regard.

  2. I’m currently cleaning up my Watch Later and liked videos playlists for videos I don’t even find like-worthy (yes my liked videos and subscriptions are public so what?). :stuck_out_tongue: